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What is Eureka Offices?

Eureka Offices is a pragmatic platform that provide hassle free office rental experience to organizations by leveraging technology and analytics.We aim to create India's larget network of branded office spaces.

How it is different from traditional office spaces?

With traditional office space quality,amenities and financials are always uncertain and create distress to the buyers.Eureka Offices is committed to create branded work spaces and assures best quality,mentioned amenities,minimum lock-in period and zero brokerage.There is also an easy option to scale-up and down depending on business needs.

How it is different from business centres?

Business center do not encourag to extend personal brand and may not provide corporate style to the office space.Also,your business may not get visibility as it may not appear on the building’s main lobby directory and most of the time shared amenities may not be available when they are really required.In addition,rental cost is by and large twice or three time more than traditional offices.Eureka Offices provides dedicated and individual office spaces which provides value for money.

What is the process of booking office spaces using Eureka Offices ?

It's simple,Search office space from website online listings and book it.Our sales representative will contact you within minutes to take you through the booking process.For any queries reach out to our customer care

Will I be signing agreement with Landlords or Eureka Offices ?

There is no need to interact with landlords,all your agreements and deals will be signed with Eureka Offices parent company ABKS Business Facilitators Pvt Ltd.

Who will be taking care of all the paperworks?

Eureka Offices will take care of all the paper work for your office space,while you take care of your business.

How you make sure your rents are fair in value?

At Eureka Offices we have brought together industry experience of more than a decade along with technology which helps us to determine fair and competetive rates for you.

Is there no brokerage or minimum lock-in Period ?

Yes,at Eureka Offices you will not be charged any brokerage.However,there will be 1 to 3 months of notice period depending upon the deal value.We also understand startups and growing companies are unsure of thier offices needs and Eureka Offices offers perfect solution to meet their office space demands.

Zero Brokerage,No lock-in, No hassles ,Easy booking

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